SolarFlair and New England Solar Hot Water chosen as Installers!



Good news! After long deliberation of more than 20 proposals, our Solarize Selection team selected SolarFlair and New England Solar Hot Water as our Installers, respectively of solar PhotoVoltaics and Solar Hot Water.

We are hard at work getting the program up and going. First up will be our Meet the Installer events. There will be one in each town, you are welcome to either one as the program will be the same for all three.

  • July 25, 7 PM: Wayland High School Auditorium
  • July 26, 7 PM: Goodnow Library in Sudbury
  • July 29, 4 PM: Bemis Hall in Lincoln

You will hear all about the Solarize PLUS program, the installers, the volunteer groups that pulled this together, and, last but not least, what you can do!

Stay tuned! As always, email us if you’d like to receive updates:


In the News: Wayland Town Crier.

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