10/15: Two Solar Open Houses in Wayland

On October 15, visit two Solar Open Houses in Wayland. Open to all residents of Wayland, Lincoln, Sudbury (and Natick). Walk in any time, visit both!

1-3 PM: 14 Brooks Road, Wayland – The perfect solar roof!

The Lees have the perfect solar roof and exposure! “We embraced solar for greenie purposes. We never expected it to be such a great financial investment.” More info below.

2-4 PM: 86 Glezen Lane, Wayland – The complete package

The Petris are covering all the bases: ground-mounted solar PV which they hope to extend, solar hot water that has been working flawlessly for 40 years, electric vehicles, and a Sense home energy monitor keeping an eye on all of it! More info below.


The Lees write:

We’ve hugged trees and supported environmental issues for decades. We became interested in supporting renewable energy initiatives as a way of breaking the reliance on fossil fuels. In October, 2012 we had solar panels installed on our roof as part of Wayland’s Solarize program.

Our 28 panels produce 8 megawatts every year. All our household electricity comes from our roof plus the charging of our plug-in Toyota Prius. And we have an additional 8-9% that we pass on to a neighbor. Our cost was $10,000 and we got that back through electricity savings and SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) in 2.8 years. Now, less than 5 years after installation, we have received a total of $20,000 in savings and SRECs.

We embraced solar for greenie purposes. We never expected it to be such a great financial investment.


PV Photo

The Petris write:

We installed solar photovoltaic panels in 2012 primarily to do what we could to reduce fossil fuel usage and to take advantage of the economic benefits.  We choose to ground mount our PV panels in our backyard to utilize the best sun exposure available on our property and because our roof was already occupied with solar hot water panels.

Although the remote system was expensive and purchased before the substantial Solarize discounts currently available, with electric bill savings, tax credits and incentives, and carbon off-set credits (SRECs) we have already recovered over $30,000. The 24 panels produce about 7,000 kWh per year and should pay for themselves by year seven.  Given the 25 year system guarantee, years 8 though 25 should be pure profit.

Savings from our almost 40-year old solar hot water (SHW) panels are harder to calculate.   In spite of significant shading on the roof, in the peak summer months, we can turn off our gas boiler and get all the domestic hot water we need from the panels. The rest of the year, the SHW acts as a pre-feed to the boiler reducing the amount of gas heating needed to bring the hot water to the desired temperature.

To become more conscious of where we use and perhaps waste electricity, we have started using a Sense Energy Monitor to track both energy usage of individual items in our house as well as to monitor solar production.

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