10/22: Five Open Houses in Lincoln

On October 22, between 1-3 PM, check out all the elements of a solar photovoltaic system up close, talk with homeowners who have lived with these systems, learn about the Solarize LSW deals and incentives. Open to all residents of Lincoln, Sudbury and Wayland. Visit all five! Check out the neat map on Green Lincoln!

  • Come on down to the farm! 40 Old Sudbury Rd. is a leased to own system. 24 Sunpower panels for 5.88 KW.
  • Shade issues and Non-Profits. 270 Concord Rd. rebuilt their barn to install their solar PV system. 44 Sunpower panels for 10.86 KW.There is also an air sourced heat pump and electric car. Ask about installing systems for non profits!
  • Never enough! 168 Trapelo Rd. has a 2013 system on the house, 20 panels (4.9 KW) and 18 brand new panels on the garage (6 KW) for the new air sourced hot water.
  • All directions! 1 Oakdale Lane has a brand new system PV system facing E,W, and S with 61 panels for 19.2Kw.
  • Just a little sun! 9 Wheeler Rd. has a new solar hot water system installed by New England Solar Hot Water! Come check out the newest technology.

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