Solar Coaches

Solar Coaches

are town volunteers working with the Mass Clean Energy Center and a municipal representative to educate neighbors and residents about the Solarize Mass program. They run community outreach, take questions about solar systems, incentives and price structure, and serve as a liaison between resident and the selected  Installers.

Our three towns are working with the same program, the same Installers, so regardless of which town you live in, you can contact any or all of the Solar Coaches and go to any of the office hours and events which suit you best.

  • Wayland: Kaat Vander Straeten (
  • Lincoln: Belinda Gingrich and Jen Haugh (
  • Sudbury: Bob Morrison (

Their organizations

Solar Coaches usually don’t appear out of nowhere 🙂 They are people who have volunteered for their towns in many ways. The organizations they work with are important sources of support for Solarize and do a lot more work outside of Solarize to make our towns more resilient and green. If you’re interested, check them out, or contact the coach!


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