Is Audiobook Income Academy Legit?

The Mikkelsen twins have built the program into a full-fledged education company called Publishing Life. They’ve built their brand around teaching others how to make a living with self-publishing audiobooks on Audible. Their presentation shares several student success stories who’ve earned thousands of dollars a month with AIA. However, the claims are a bit exaggerated. Read on Audiobook Income Academy Review for more details.

What is AIA?

Founded by the Mikkelsen Twins, Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) is an online training program that helps people earn passive income through publishing audiobooks on Amazon’s Audible platform. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced marketers, and includes a six-module video course, a live coaching call, and a large library of resources. It also offers a generous refund policy.


The Mikkelsen twins have a long track record of success in the digital world, and their story is proof that anyone can achieve success with the right mindset and strategy. In addition to their success as audiobook publishers, the twins have also built a large following on YouTube, where they share tips and tricks for starting an online business.

AIA 2.0 is the latest version of their training course, and it features a number of new modules and features. For example, the course now teaches students how to find affordable but high-quality authors, narrators, and designers to work with. It also explains how to optimize your book’s cover and metadata to increase sales. The twins also offer a live video call to answer student questions, and they have updated their training materials to reflect the latest trends in the digital marketing industry.

Some critics have questioned whether or not the AIA course is a scam, and there are some red flags to watch out for. For one, the twins claim that they’ve earned $20 million through their audiobook publishing business, but this seems like an exaggeration. Furthermore, the AIA training course is not as comprehensive as other online courses that teach people how to make money through e-commerce.

But despite these criticisms, there are also many positive reviews of the AIA course. Some users have reported that they’ve been able to earn thousands of dollars per month through the course, while others have said that it’s helped them achieve financial freedom. However, it’s important to note that these results are not typical, and you should be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort before seeing any real results. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the audiobook business model is not a passive income opportunity, as there are a lot of expenses associated with creating and promoting an audiobook.

How does AIA work?

If you’re looking for a way to make passive income online, then publishing audiobooks may be the perfect opportunity for you. The Mikkelsen twins have made a name for themselves in the online business world through their success with publishing audiobooks on Audible. They have even been featured on Forbes, which is a big deal for any online entrepreneur. The problem is that they’re making this sound way easier and more profitable than it actually is.

Moreover, their course costs multiple thousands of dollars to get started, which is not something that everyone can afford to invest in. There are also many complaints about the twins and their course on TrustPilot, which is a bad sign. Whether they’re telling the truth or not, it’s unlikely that they can help you start an online business that makes $10,000 per month.

The course consists of seven modules, each covering various aspects of the audiobook production and marketing process. In addition to the modules, you’ll receive four coaching calls and a group meeting every week. These sessions will give you the chance to speak with the twins and ask questions about the course.

One of the modules covers how to find a profitable niche and build a website to promote your audiobook. Another includes tips on using social media to attract listeners. You’ll also learn how to create a podcast and use it as a marketing tool for your audiobook.

Once you’ve completed the modules, you’ll have access to a community of audiobook producers and other members of the Academy. The Academy also provides access to a library of audio and video resources that can help you grow your business.

Besides the modules, the Academy also offers a bonus course on how to build a successful Amazon publisher account. This is a crucial step for anyone who wants to publish audiobooks on Audible. The bonus course also includes interviews and case studies from students who have made more than 10,000 per month.

Overall, the Audiobook Income Academy course is worth considering if you’re interested in making money from the Audible platform. However, it’s important to remember that the business model isn’t as passive or easy as the Mikkelsen twins make it seem. There are over half a million audiobooks on Audible, and the competition is stiff. Unless you’re an expert at producing audiobooks, you might want to consider other online business models such as dropshipping instead.

What is the cost?

The Mikkelsen Twins have made a name for themselves as entrepreneurs by publishing audiobooks on Amazon. They have built a six-figure income from their work, and they want to teach other people how to do the same. They have created a course called Audiobook Income Academy, which teaches students how to self-publish audiobooks on Audible. This can be a great way to make passive income, but there are some things to keep in mind before you sign up for the course.

The course covers the process of writing an audiobook, finding a narrator, and creating a book cover. The twins also explain how to find profitable niches and create a successful marketing campaign. They also provide tips on how to avoid scams and other pitfalls. The only downside is that the twins can be a bit long-winded at times, and they sometimes beat around the bush rather than getting straight to the point.

Although the Mikkelsen twins have made a lot of money from their publishing business, they are not the only ones to have found success in this field. There are many other people who have successfully published books on Audible and Amazon. However, some of these authors have used shady tactics to promote their books, which has led to their accounts being banned by Amazon and Audible. This has not stopped the twins from continuing to publish their own books and teaching others how to do the same, but it does mean that there is a level of risk involved with this type of business model.

AIA costs a few thousand dollars to join, and you will need to spend more than that on things like running ads and hiring ghostwriters and narrators. In addition, you will need to spend a significant amount of time working on your books, which may not be something that you are interested in doing if you are looking for a part-time or full-time job. While the twins do promise that their students can make thousands of dollars a month, this claim is likely exaggerated.

Is AIA legit?

Whether or not AIA is legit depends on how you look at it. The Mikkelsen twins are entrepreneurs who make a living publishing and selling their books on Amazon. They also host a YouTube channel where they teach others how to publish and sell their books online.

Their course claims to show how to earn $5,000-$20,000 per month in passive income through audiobook publishing. However, the claims are overstated and they do not include all the work that is involved in creating an audiobook. In addition, the twins have been banned multiple times from Audible and ACX for using shady strategies to promote their books.

Moreover, the course is expensive and may not be worth it for those who are new to the field. There are free and more comprehensive training resources available on the internet that can teach you how to self-publish an audiobook. In addition to the course, you will need to invest in a professional editor and narrator, which can cost up to $5,000.

The Mikkelsen twins have created a partnership program that includes a private Facebook community, four one-on-one calls with an AIA coach, weekly live group coaching sessions every Monday, DFY materials, and 21 templates. The video course will also teach you how to find and select a winning audiobook topic, as well as how to optimize the book’s title and description. The course also recommends using tools like the DS Amazon quick view Chrome extension to help you identify which titles are best sellers in your niche.

The Mikkelsen twins’ AIA presentation shares several student success stories of people who have made thousands of dollars from their books. But it’s important to note that if the process was as easy as they claim, everyone would be doing it. In addition, they do not disclose the price of the course on their website or after you watch their presentation. They also ask you to “book a call” after the presentation, which is typical of high-ticket online courses. This is a way to get you to buy the course.